This Is How You Survive Bridal Show Season! Tips & Tricks For Wedding Planning

Yep, it is that time of year. Fall bridal shows are scheduled and you are going to need to know a few tricks to get the most out of each and every one of them over the next few months. Here are my top tips:

wedding 101 bridal show season


1. Take a look at our Workshop & Events page to see what shows are coming up. We have listed all of the shows in the Nashville area fall shows from August thru October. See what fits into your schedule and plan to make a day of it

2. Set up a wedding only email address, if you haven’t already. Vendors will send you information and newsletters after the show and you may not want it coming to your main email account. There are many free email services out there. Think about using your last name and your fiance’s last name in the address, ex.

3. Take someone with you. Take your Fiance, Mom, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, or anyone who can help you talk about your wedding. You can bounce ideas off them and they can also help you carry all the business cards, brochures, and giveaways vendors pass out. Having a buddy also makes the day much more enjoyable.

4. Dress comfortably. Most of these shows will be in a large open area which means hard surface flooring. Wear comfortable shoes. I cannot tell you how many girls I have seen hobbling around a convention center or ballroom in 3 inch heels. Talk about some blisters! Also think of dressing in layers. You never know what the temperature in these places are going to be like. Some are subzero and others are as warm as a summer day.

5. Take a Sharpie and write it down. Sharpies write on everything from matte, flat paper to slick, glossy surfaces. When you talk to someone you love or want check out online, make a note of it on their card or brochure. You will never remember their name once you speak to 50 other vendors and drive home. If you make a note, you can easily sort through the paper to find the vendors you loved and give them a call!

6. Take one sheet of labels with your name, address, email, and wedding date already filled out. You can use these to speed up the process of registering for drawings that some vendors may be offering. Check out this tutorial on how to print labels using Microsoft Word.

7. Don’t waste time. If you already have your venue or photographer booked, don’t spend time looking at others unless you are contemplating a change. This will save you time and will allow those vendors to speak with brides that are truly interested in their services.

8. Circle the show twice. This may sound silly but if you do a high level pass around the whole show and then narrow in on who you want to make appointments or have longer conversations with, you won’t miss out on any of the vendors while narrowing down your favorites.

9. Attend the fashion show. Aside from the giveaways announced at the last fashion show, there are some beautiful dresses from many shops all in one place so it’s a great way to narrow down the shops you want to visit. It is also good way to get bridesmaid dress and tux ideas.

10. Ask questions. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask one of the professionals you have connected with for a recommendation. They are in the industry and, chances are, will know someone they can recommend.

Finally, ENJOY the day! This is such a fun and exciting time. Don’t get overwhelmed and take your time.

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