The Perfect Wedding Kiss

So some of you may have seen it and some of you haven’t but there’s a lot of hype about this couples first kiss, ever, on their wedding day. I must say that Ellen DeGeneres’s comment about being chewy… it oh so spot on. Take a few minutes and be prepared for anything from a slight giggle to an all out crying laugh. 

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Now that we’ve seen what not to do at your wedding let’s discuss that first kiss as a married couple shall we?

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First and foremost, no one in your family wants to see an all out make out session at the alter. So keep it simple and sweet with a dash of heat (You didn’t know I was a poet did you? Teeheehee). Anyway what does that kiss look like? It looks like you two! I know, I know, how vague but it’s really so true. Here are a few tips you and your boy can put into play:

  1. Go slow. Yep, your going to be excited but that can lead to bumping heads, teeth, or not creating enough time for your photographer to snap the shot.
  2. Stand a little closer. Leaning in for a kiss when your three feet apart makes the whole thing feel awkward so take a step forward and get cozy first.
  3. Put those hands to good use. NO, I don’t mean playing grab bottom. Put your arms around each other and maybe even touch each others faces. It’ll make it that more intimate considering your kissing with possibly hundreds of eyes watching you.
  4. Know which direction you’ll go. Decide this before hand so you two aren’t bobble heads or worse bumping heads.
  5. Know the limit. You want the kiss to be passionate but not as passionate as it will be on your honeymoon. Remember Grandma is watching. Keep it short, sweet, and save the tongue for later.

So have you and your hubby to be discussed Kiss? What have you two decided is appropriate? Let us know on our Facebook page!


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