The Perfect Wedding Day Emergency Kit Mojuba Kits

Those small emergencies that pop on your big day can be fixed, you just need to be prepared. That’s where Mojuba comes in!

Whether you are eyeing a Mojuba bag for your wedding day or as a gift for your soon-to-be-married BFF, Mojuba Bride and Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kits are stuffed with all the must-have items to solve the “unexpected” mishaps that come up on the big day. Here at Mojuba we know that little things can cause major delays; delays cause tension; tension leads to stress and the dominoes begin to tumble. Don’t let your wedding day come undone if your bridemaid’s terrific updo decides to become a horrific downdo. With our Bride and Groom bags at your side you will feel confident that you can get hitched without a hitch!

Moms and brides can feel confident their boys are in good hands on the big day. We know guys will be guys (and we love ’em for it), but how prepared will they be for the pizza sauce that spills on his tux shirt or the groomsman who missed a spot shaving? The Groom Mojuba Bag is his own personal MOH to stop any wedding day disasters in their tracks.
With the Bride Mojuba Bag, a bride and her wedding crew can stylishly stop any wedding ordeal in its tracks. Whether it’s a torn dress or spilt wine, the collection of last minute items are hand-picked to insure any little mishaps don’t occur in the bridal suite.

Here are a few reviews:

“The bride and her new husband loved the gifts. She couldn’t say enough about them and the groom too. I have your website under my favorites for my next wedding invite.” – Martin

“Thank you so much for helping me out with the bag – and, yes – it came in handy! The bride got lipstick on her dress, as well as a little dirt BEFORE going down the aisle. Everyone kept asking if I had xyz in my “little black bag.” It was also easy to carry!” – Retha

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