The End of Vintage/Rustic/Shabby Chic Weddings in 2012?

I read an article over on the Huffinton Post yesterday that basically claimed that Rustic/Vintage/Shabby Chic weddings were out and Royal Glamor is where it’s at this year. For those of you who already have your wedding planned and you’ve set your heart on a specific look, don’t let this article make you think twice. Here’s why:

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First and foremost, we live in Nashville! Hello! Shabby, vintage, rustic… it’s what Nashville is all about. There’s no doubt that where you get married has an effect on the style and theme of your wedding.

Beach wedding = light, airy, soft
Contemporary venue = modern, sleek, crisp
Ballroom wedding = classic, traditional, elegant

Don’t get me wrong, you can do any style wedding at just about any venue given enough budget but, for the most part, you want your venue to speak to the theme or style. It’ll always save you when it comes to decor.

The bottom line is that yes, many brides will move towards a more royal feel to their wedding due to the influence of the Royal Wedding but I don’t believe those of you who want a rustic or vintage style would do a complete 180 and choose a traditional one. The brides who choose to go that royal route are ones that were already leaning toward a more traditional style to begin with.

One thing I do agree with is that weddings are becoming more intimate gatherings. Brides know they can get the wedding of their dreams if their guest list is small enough. The wedding day is about the you and your groom but also about
spending that day with you’re close family and friends. Gone are the days of a 300+ guest list. We’re seeing the average guest list sitting at 100-150 and, truly, it’s a perfect size.

So don’t fret ladies. Rustic, shabby, vintage isn’t going anywhere here in Nashville. There’s always someone willing to look into a crystal ball for you. That doesn’t mean what they say, is what will be.

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