The Bridesmaid Proposal

You’ve got the ring, the guy, and maybe even the date; now what? The special day will arrive sooner than you think, and you need your best girls at your side. Here are some creative ideas for the perfect “Bridesmaid Proposal” that doesn’t include getting down on one knee. 

If you are a simple bride you may not want to fuss with the fancy stuff. Your best friends will want to share the day with you no matter what. A simple card is a great way to ask your BFF to be your bridesmaid.

For the creative bride a sweet treat may be just what you need. You’ve got the ring so why not give your girlfriends one too? Put a Ring Pop in a cute decorated box and simply propose to them. With a treat inside they are destined to say yes.

For the brainy bride, why not let your girlfriends piece it all together. A cute jigsaw puzzle may be just the trick. This proposal is fun because it gets your bridesmaids thinking as they piece together your adorable message.

Finally, for the sentimental bride. This is a day that you will always remember and your friends are so very special to you. Give them a ring with a little knotted bow that they can treasure forever. You’re tying the knot with your prince charming, but you still have a BFF bond that cannot be untied.

It’s your turn lovely bride! Get those girlies by your side!


Zoe~ Wedding 101 Summer Intern

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