The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Daughters-In-Law!

This article caught our eye in the May edition of Real Simple Magazine! Every bride can benefit from these helpful hints when trying to win over the future mother-in-law! Do you have any special tips of your own? Leave a comment below or comment on our Facebook page with your newlywed advice!


1. Sending photos and updates early and often.

Mothers-in-law are often nervous about overstepping and get left out of information as a result. Take it upon yourself to reach out! You’re going to be in a relationship with this lady for many years, take the initiative and include her in your life from the beginning!

2. Ignoring the comments.

She asked when you’re starting a family after being married for only 6 months… So what? Try to shrug (or even laugh) it off! Even though it may not seem like it, she’s probably not trying to be insensitive.

3. Speaking up when steamed.

This is a healthy habit in any relationship! Don’t hold your feelings in! When she says something truly atrocious, tell her that you’re upset. If you stay quiet, your roiling anger could come out in a big blowup.

4. Sitting in the backseat.

All mothers-in-law want respect. Offering the front seat (which she might even refuse) is an easy and sweet way to give it. That small gesture establishes that you respect her for raising the wonderful man you married!

5. Asking for help.

I know, I know this is a tough one… especially for those of us who want to “have it all together.” BUT switch sides, and think of it from her perspective! Enlisting your mother-in-law to do something significant, like making the cake for your husband’s birthday party, can transform a competitive event into a collaborative one.

6. Hiding occasionally.

If your mother-in-law’s behavior affects the whole household, ask your husband to talk to her about it. If she’s hurt, she’ll forgive him more quickly… Let him handle the big stuff!

7. Sharing the holidays.

You probably make most of the social plans and prefer to see your family on important dates. But taking the initiative to work out a system that gives your husband’s family a fair helping of Thanksgiving dinners will earn mountains of gratitude from your mother-in-law.

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