From Comfort to Classy: Amazing Dishes for Your Wedding Day

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Our tummies are rumbling with hunger after looking at many comfort to classy recipes. We assure you that you will be as hungry as we were reading this delicious list of foods to add to your wedding reception.

Twenty Songs to Hit the Dance Floor with Dad

One of the special parts of your wedding will be the father/daughter dance. Here are twenty songs to hit the dance floor with dad.

Winter Themed Drinks

Winter is here, and who doesn’t love to warm up with a festive drink? Whether you are looking for ideas for your winter wedding, holiday party

The McConnell House Food Truck Fight

The McConnell House Food Truck Fight

Food Trucks arent’ just for County Fairs any more. These kitchens on wheels are all the rage for everyday lunch to wedding receptions. Yes, wedding receptions! Food… Read more »

Friday DIY: Table Top S’mores

Friday DIY: Table Top S’mores

Nothing is better than a hot gooey melty s’more. These little personal marshmallow rosters would be a perfect dessert bar idea or even place one on each… Read more »