Inspired by: Apple Wedding Details

We hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. We sure enjoyed ourselves too! This weekend while spending time with my hubby up in Ashville, NC I got to thinking about fall, pumpkins, and football. One detail I’ve always loved is apples. Here’s some of my favorite was to add the detail to your wedding.

Friday DIY: Pickled & Preserved Favors

Pickling, preserving, and canning are back in style. Well okay for some, like my grandmother, it never went out of style. I have to say that her canned green beans are the best on the planet. There’s just something about that homemade flavor when you combine home preserving with freshly picked fruits and veggies.

Friday DIY: Salt Dough + Stamps = Perfect Favor Tags

Happy Friday Lovelies! With the holidays coming up I couldn’t resist sharing a project I’m using for gift tags this year. While I was mixing and rolling out the dough, I thought of you and how perfect these would be for favor tags. They are easy, inexpensive, and are sure to make a statement.

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