Southern Wedding Traditions

The South is known for many things, but some of the things that have held true for many years are all the wedding traditions. Many Southern brides will agree that while planning their wedding their grandmothers will never let them forget about these “must-haves.” Here are some of the most popular traditions for a typical Southern wedding…

1. Bury the Bourbon – It is tradition for the bride and the groom to bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the wedding venue exactly one month before the wedding day to ensure fair weather for the day-of. The bottle should be dug up post-ceremony and enjoyed with the bridal party, making it enjoyable regardless of the weather.

2. Parasols – This is a common prop that Southern brides will incorporate into their weddings, especially if the wedding will take place outside. Brides will choose chic parasols to cary down the aisle or shade them from the sun during pictures.

3. The Cake Pull – The cake pull comes from an old Victorian tradition. Charms of luck and fortune were set into the wedding cake by the bride to predict the future of her single friends. Both good and bad luck options were included in the selection, making the pulling risky. Most brides who carry on this tradition choose to do it at a time set aside to honor her nearest and dearest such as at the bridal shower.

4. Groom’s Cake – This wonderful tradition is a gift from the bride to her groom. It is a cake just for him that shows his talents, interests, or hobbies, and it is usually a surprise. It’s an opportunity for the bride to wow her groom and get creative since so much of the wedding is about the bride and her style. There are many other factors that are common in Southern weddings, such as the use of mason jars, taking bridal portraits, having a first look for the Father of the Bride, wearing pearl jewelry, and serving drinks such as sweet tea and mint juleps! All these wonderful pieces can be found in some of the most lovely Southern weddings. Thanks to Keenan for researching all these fun traditions!

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