Something Old, Something New Boutique Grand Opening Nashville Wedding Consignment Shop

If you’ve followed us for a while you know we’re huge fans of the Something Old, Something New Wedding Consignment Sale. We’ll we’re about to knock your socks off… you can now attend this sale every weekend! The Something Old, Something New Boutique is hosting the Grand Opening this week and we can help but be excited for our great friend Beth Glascock and our brides looking for great deals.


We chatted with Beth to get you all the details.

(W101) Beth, Something Old, Something New was Nashville’s first Wedding Consignment Sale. How did you come up with the concept?

(Beth)The concept originated while working at Wedding 101 and helping some friends with their children’s consignment sale.  I knew I wanted to start my own business and had started to research sample gown sales.  Then while helping friends with their children’s consignment sale, it came to me.  Why not host a seasonal sale where couples could sale what they had purchased for their wedding and help out another couple with theirs.  And an idea was born.


(W101) The shop is stunning. It looks nothing like I’d expect a consignment store to look. What made you want to transition the Sale Event into a year around shop?

(Beth) Thank you.  I hope that those who come to the store are comfortable and happy with their experience.

The sale in October was successful and I saw many great opportunities in what it could become.  While we sold a fair amount, there was still some inventory remaining which I stored at my house.  One day while in Lenox Village, I saw the space I am currently in.  I walked away that day but it kept calling back.  I went through the ideas for the next sale and spoke to a lot of friends and wedding industry colleagues about the idea of a store front.  Then one day just went for it.  I felt comfortable that there was enough demand for a store..

SOSN Big 1

(w101) With the store being open, are you still thinking about having the large sale events as well?

(Beth) It is possible.  I always have that in the back of my mind but just once a year.  Time will tell.  I will see what buyers/sellers are looking for and try to meet that demand.

(W101) You’ve got one of the largest selections of wedding dresses I’ve seen for a resale shop. What are some of the name brands you have and what’s the price range?

(Beth) Thanks. The plan is to keep a variety of gowns for all styles. Presently at the store we have Maggie Sottero, Oleg Cassini, Rivini, La Sposa, Mori Lee, and more.  In the present stock prices range from $150 – $600.  The range in prices will vary depending on what is consigned, the designer, and original cost.  As more gowns are cosigned these prices could go up.  So it will always depend on what is in stock.

(W101) I see you have so much more than just dresses. Planners, decor, accessories and the like. What are you looking for when a consignor brings in item?

(Beth) I am looking for anything related to weddings and parties: linens, candles, decor, vases, etc.  Recently a bride brought in all of the candles, vases, and linens that were not used at her wedding.  It was great for both of us.

(W101) Let’s say I’ve got 200 Mason Jars at home. How does the consignment process work?

(Beth) We would love that – seriously.  I get asked about these all the time.

A potential consignor first starts at the website then click on consignors.  There are some simple instructions there to walk you through the registration process.  I would like all items in as clean “sale ready” as they can be.  The split is 50-50.  I will work with each consignor on an appointment to review and approve all items, then we print the labels and put them out in the store.

SOSN Big 2

(W101) Do brides need an appointment to come shop the dresses?

(Beth) No, the store is open Saturdays 10:30 – 5:00 and Sunday 12:30 – 5:00 or by appointment during the week/after store hours.

(W101) The Grand Opening is just around the corner right? Have you got anything special planned?

(Beth) We will host the wedding community Thursday night at the store for an Open House event to showcase the store.  Friday night will be an Open House for the Lenox Village Community as well as Friends and Family.

Special thanks to Joe Hendricks Photography for the stunning images of the Something Old, Something New Boutique and photo shoot images.

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