Say Yes to the Dress: Music City Edition

Today our three interns Zoe, Shannon, and Ashley White, took a field trip to the lovely Modern Trousseau. They gained insight on the behind the scene operations of the store, as well as the typical day of their Sales Director Ally Lomascolo (and even got to play dress up!).

As we walked into the store, we were immediately greeted by gorgeous gowns. We were able to walk around for a bit and could see right off the bat that Modern Trousseau is a bride’s dreamland.

All three of us sat down with Ally and chatted about her typical day at the store, as well as some of her advice for brides.

Here’s just a snippet of our conversation:

What are some of the trends for this year?

“Lace is the biggest trend right now in the gown industry, also blushers are starting to make a come back which is a lot of fun.”

Are there any superstitions that brides may follow?

“Brides keep it pretty traditional and don’t let their grooms or dads see their dresses at all”, said Ally. “All of our dresses have names in them and one of our brides was deciding between an Elizabeth and a Mimi dress, and they were both the names of her Grandmothers.”

How do you help a bride decide even with the pressures of her bridesmaids or mother around?

“If someone is insistent about a bride getting a dress, and you can tell she isn’t in love, I usually ask them to sleep on it” said Ally. ” It’s not all about the sale for us.”

After we chatted with Ally, we were all able to try on dresses which was utter bliss.

Shannon in the beautiful Meadow style gown.

Zoe in the stunning Mirena gown.

Ashley White in a vintage lace gown.

We loved getting the chance to go behind the scenes with one of our vendors.

Thanks so much to Ally and Modern Trousseau for letting us come play for a couple hours.

To all you brides-to-be out there, we can’t wait to hear when you say yes to the dress.

~Zoe, Shannon, and Ashley White~ Wedding 101 Summer Interns

Modern Trousseau is located in downtown Nashville. It is suggested that you schedule an appointment for your Say Yes To The Dress moment. 🙂

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