Say Hello to The Budget Savvy Bride

We would like to welcome Jessica Lehry, better known as The Budget Savvy Bride, to the Wedding 101 blog. We are thrilled that she will be guest blogging with us to share her fabulous ideas on how to save money on a wedding. AND she is
adamant that saving does not have to mean giving up! (Just maybe a little rethinking and creativity.)

If you don’t already know her or what her blog is about, read below. You’ll have to check it out…. I promise!

Why do you call yourself the Budget Savvy Bride?
I knew I was going to be working with a limited budget from day one of our wedding planning, so when I chose a name to use for my blog, I decided to incorporate the idea into the title. Although I had a limited budget, I wanted to show that I could still have a fabulous wedding by being savvy and trying to make the most of every dollar I spent!

Why did you start your blog?
I originally started my blog in 2008 soon after I became engaged as a way to organize my ideas and inspiration for my own wedding. Obviously with the state of the economy, I wasn’t the only bride who was working with a limited budget. Those who happened to stumble upon my blog could relate to my situation and had similar goals for attaining a beautiful wedding on a budget.

What is your desire for brides who read your blog?
I hope that brides who read BSB find inspiration and ideas to help them save money on their big day. I love sharing The Budget Savvy Wedding of the Week every Wednesday, because I’m able to share weddings of brides who’ve been a fan on BSB and want to ‘pay it forward’ and share their experiences and tips with others. I love showing how unique, different and beautiful weddings can be, even when faced with a challenging budget.


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