Rent Your Bridesmaid Dresses? Now You Can! with Little Borrowed Dress

The guys have it easy, right? They just rent a tux or suit, it’s adjustable so it mostly fits, and they all look dapper with little to no effort. Why in the world isn’t it that easy for us girls!? Well thanks to Little Borrowed Dress, it can be. Little Borrowed Dress, Bridesmaid, Rentals, Budget, WeddingsLittle Borrowed Dress is a site where you and your maids can find the perfect bridesmaid dresses to rent. Yes, I said rent. Rentals range from $50 to $75 and the dresses are adorable. See that flirty strapless number up there? It’s the Hillary (short) and Hillary Jane (long). Like this style but need straps? They come with those too! The best part is… all of the dresses are fully adjustable meaning NO alterations needed. Say WHAT?! Yes, you read that right! No alterations.

With so many color options, you’re sure to find a match to your color theme.

So, I know you’re wondering, how does it work?

Step 1~ Find the dress to fit your wedding style. You can even Pin, tweet, or email the style you love to your gals. Want to see the colors in person? Just request a swatch!

Step 2~ Try it on(they say). Well that only applies if you’re in NYC however they do offer to send a 2nd size for each purchase just to be sure you get the size you need, for FREE.

Step 3~ Reserve your dress. They typically need 3 months in advance however if you’re moving to wed sooner than that, just give them a call and they’ll let you know what’s available.The dress will arrive 2 weeks before the wedding (which I LOVE by the way)! Plenty of time to make sure you have what you need. Dresses arrive professionally cleaned, like tuxes, and ready to wear.

Step 4~ Enjoy you’re dress! Rock out your fancy frock at the big event and simply place it in the mail with the postage paid envelope LBD provides. They’ll handle the cleaning for you.

Little Borrowed Dress, Bridesmaid, Rentals, Budget, Weddings

That’s it! Little Borrowed Dress promises that you’ll receive the dress on time, it will fit with not alterations needed. What if you or a bridesmaid wants to purchase the dress? They sell new dresses as well.

Little Borrowed Dress, Bridesmaid, Rentals, Budget, Weddings

I can’t decided which is my favorite. I’m loving the Catherine and the Cheryl too! What I also love is that your maids can mix and match depending on what style fits their body type.

Little Borrowed Dress, Bridesmaid, Rentals, Budget, Weddings

So what do you think? Would you have your bridesmaids rent their dresses? Looking back, I would have for sure!

*All images via Little Borrowed Dress*

P.S. This post is purely our thoughts, we have not rented from LBD, and we are sharing for your enjoyment only. We were not paid to share this information with you.

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