Registry Essentials: Dining Basics

Okay, so you’ve already read our post on Kitchen basics right? Good. Today we are going to talk about the basics you will need for dining! Wooohooo! Exciting right?

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Whether you two are the entertaining type or not, having a set of dishes that you can use everyday is very important. From cereal bowls to coffee cups you are going to use these a lot. Be sure to register for a set that includes: bowls, salad plates, plates, and coffee mugs. If you want an eclectic set think of registering for each of the items separately. Just the two of you? You will probably only need 4 of each item. Entertain a lot or have a big family? Think of registering for at least 8 of each item.


Traditionally couples registered for beautiful china that would be used for special occasions and holidays. These days, not everyone chooses to include this on their list. Things to consider when contemplating registering for china include:

  • Where will you store it while it is not in use?
  • Will you be using it in the first few years? Do you visit family for holidays or will you have holidays at your home?
  • Will you register for a pattern that requires hand washing or one that is dishwasher safe?

If you decided not to register for it now, you can always purchase it later. Perhaps as an anniversary gift to yourselves?


Traditionally brides and grooms would register for both everyday glassware and crystal for special occasions. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Will you be registering for china? If so you should also consider registering for crystal.
  • Will you need barware?
  • Do you prefer glass for everyday use or plastic?

When registering for glassware, think about what you would use on an everyday basis first. Tall glass tumblers are most useful. If its only you and your sweet mate, you may only need 4 but if you love to entertain shoot for 8. Next think about your barware needs. You will need at least 4 red and 4 white wine glasses as well as two champagne flutes. Also think about getting a few high ball glasses for you or any friends who love a mixed drink or even a margarita!


You can go as contemporary or as traditional as you like. If you want service for 4 register for a 20 piece set, service for 8 register for a 45 piece set, and for service of 12 register for a 72 piece set.

Other Items

Other items you may want to include are:

  • Cloth napkins
  • Napkin rings
  • Table cloth or runner
  • Place mats

I hope this has streamlined at least a few isles of your registry day! Next week we will go over bathroom basics!

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