Registry Essentials: Bedroom Basics

We have already covered kitchen, dining, and bathroom basics and today we will finish up this series with the basic items that should be on your registry for your bedroom.


Image via Country Living

The basic list is pretty simple. So you’ll want to repeat it for each bedroom you have in your new home. Let’s get started!

  • 2 Flat Sheets
  • 2 Fitted Sheets
  • 2 Pairs of pillow cases, standard or king size
  • Decorative Comforter or Down Comforter with Duvet Cover
  • Pillows, standard or king depending on your preference/bed size
  • Decorative pillow shams
  • Bedskirt if needed
  • 2 Blankets, one Summer and one Winter
  • Mattress pad

Obviously you can register for more, but these are just the basics. Some stores offer bedding, pillow shams, toss pillows, and even bedskirts in one big bag. These can be a great way to coordinate your bedding without having to spend a lot of time shopping. If you want a more collected look you can register for all of these items separately.

We hope this series has helped you decide what items you really need on your registry! Happy scanning!

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