Publicity does not always cost.

Good Morning.  I just reread an article by Donna O’Neil written in the Williamson Herald ( )  this past week about Wedding 101.  O.K., it  really was my third, fourth, maybe fifth time to read the article.  It’s just too exciting!  🙂 What is more exciting is the fact that people still read newspapers.  We have had several people find us as a result of the story, as well as the result of a press release regarding our opening in the Review Appeal.  The point of all this is not so much to toot our horn but to remind wedding vendors of the value of a so-called dying advertising medium.  People in your community respect the point of view of local papers and their writers.  They look forward to knowing what is going on around them if just to gossip!  AND gossip is what drives word of mouth advertising — another free means of publicity.  So, paid advertising is a pivotal and valuable means of marketing, but along the way, why not share more with a story about an event or new angle in your business.  It is definitely worth pursuing.

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