{Pros Who Know} What’s your photography style?

Just last Wednesday, I reassured a mother of the bride that her photographer can capture her style (or preference) of photos. The problem was language. Good, professional photographers (like Frozen Exposure) can capture anything you want…you just need to speak their language. We asked Tanya and Bobby Macks to share some of the basics in photography terminology to help brides and their loved ones have a sophisticated conversation on the same level.

In Bobby’s expert opinion, the photographer needs to have extensive experience in three main photography styles to fully capture the story of a wedding day:

1. Fine Art Portraiture (think family portraits)

2.Photojournalism (think storytelling/candid)

3. Creative Bold (think surveillance/angles)

That helps, doesn’t it! Having a bit of the lingo makes for a better conversation with potential photographers. If you have any more questions (or looking for a fabulous wedding photographer!), then reach out to Bobby or Tanya Macks with Frozen Exposure.

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