Pros Who Know: Bridal Gown Shopping Tips

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If you haven’t been shopping for your gown yet, today’s post is just for you. Shopping for the perfect dress can be overwhelming. Going to the right shop really can make a difference. Knowledgeable sales associates can not only help you find the right dress for your budget and body type, they can also help you decide on a fabric that is right for you venue and point you to heels that will be beautiful and comfy all day all while giving you the best service possible.

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So here are the top tips from the pros we know:

  1. Make an appointment! Seriously, this is the number one tip. Why do you need an appointment? Shops want to be sure to give you the BEST service. That means that they give you their undivided attention. The listen to what you think you want and then help you through the process of pulling dresses you want to try on. Once your ready, they will help get you in the dresses and fasten you up. Most sample dresses are a set size. They may need to use clamps on the dress so you can see exactly how they fit. Once you have found ‘The Dress’ they will measure you and make sure the dress you order is the correct size. All of this takes skill, knowledge, and time. So be sure to make an appointment. If you want to make sure you have plenty of time, make your appointment on a week day. Shops are slammed on Saturdays and there usually isn’t time for you to run over your appointment so weekdays are best.
  2. Wear full bottomed undies. I know, some of you may prefer thongs or even to go without but keep in mind that the associate helping you into your dress doesn’t need to see your goodies. They will be buttoning, zipping, clamping and fluffing and the last thing they want to do is accidentally grab your bare bottom.
  3. Remember your antiperspirant. Trying on dresses is hard. They are heavy and it really is almost a workout to spend an hour trying them on. You are going to sweat, so for the sake of those around you wear antiperspirant.
  4. Leave the entourage at home. We know how many of your friends will want to be there when you find ‘The Dress’ the problem is, most shops don’t have room for every bride to bring in 10 of their closest friends and family. Too many people and opinions could also cause you to have a hard time buying the dress you love. Pick two or three of the most important people and let everyone else be surprised.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time. This is one of the funnest parts of planning your wedding so take your time, find the perfect dress, and have fun!

Still looking for the perfect gown? Set up an appointment at Glitz! They have everything you need and customer service that is exceptional to boot!

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