Planning a Nashville Bridal Shower? We Can Help!

With wedding season just around the corner, it seems like bridal showers are about to start happening every weekend! Whether you are the one in charge of the shower, or just on the “planning committee,” we want to help make each step of the process as simple as possible for you! I have broken down the needs for a typical bridal shower so that you can check off each step as you go! For an even easier approach, check out our all-inclusive bridal shower packages… no cooking, no cleaning, no planning. You make the decisions, and we make it happen!


Step 1 – The Bridal Shower Location

Whether you prefer hosting the shower in your home or in a restaurant, I recommend choosing a location with plenty of space and seating. You need to be sure there is plenty of room for guests to mingle, move around, and even play games (if that’s your style)! With comfortable chairs and couches and seven conveniently placed tables, the Wedding 101 studio is a great venue for showers because it’s already beautifully decorated!

Step 2 – The Guest List

This is the ONLY job for the bride when it comes to the bridal shower.  Let her make a list of family and friends she would like to celebrate this occasion with!


Step 3 – The Shower Invitations

Whether the shower’s style is simple or extravagant, an invitation is necessary to inform the guests about the event. This is also another item to complete the bride’s wedding scrapbook, so make sure it’s aesthetically appealing.

Step 4 – Catering and Snack Ideas

If you are hosting the shower by yourself, hire a caterer! If you have a team of people assisting you, delegate portions of the menu, so everyone gets to contribute his/her talents.



Every shower needs desserts! Whether its a cake, cupcakes, or even cakepops… everyone loves a sweet treat!

Step 6 – Game Ideas

Games create a fun atmosphere and encourage people who may not know each other to interact. If you don’t think your crowd will be game-lovers, try something simple, like Wedding themed Mad-Lib cards. Those will definitely “break the ice!”


Step 7 – The Flowers

Shower decor can be simple, but you still want the atmosphere to be elegant… After all, this is the last event before the big day! Flowers brighten up any room and will definitely make an impression on your guests!

Step 8  – The bride’s PARTY!

After all your planning and preparation, remember to enjoy the party! And don’t forget to snap some pictures to remember those special moments!

If all this seems overwhelming to you, contact us for information on our All-Inclusive Bridal Shower Packages!

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