Plan Your Dream Wedding

Back to wedding planning today! Now, for all of the newly engaged brides whose weddings seem way in the future, it is time to start planning the big event. I don’t mean to jump in feet first. Give thought to the look and feel of the day. Author Peggy Post says, “take time to dream,” meaning list the qualities that you want to convey and ENJOY on your wedding day.

The following list is just a start to help spark the imagination. Do you want your day to be…..

intimate, secular, overseas

contemporary, Hollywood-like, ethnic

simple, casual, dramatic

grand, tropical, fun

spiritua,l friendly, traditional

family-oriented, luxurious, huge

elegant, musical, romantic

Once you have a few words in mind, make a wedding statement that reflects that dream and refer to it often as you embark on the fun of planning a fabulous wedding. It doesn’t always take money to have the wedding of your dreams. Just a focus! And maybe a wedding planning guide such as this or even a real wedding planner to help pull all of the specifics together. O.K. Now! Go find your venue, photographer, caterer, bartender, videographer, florist, invitations, and the like!

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