Perfect Wedding Polish that Lasts 14 days

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We all want our nails to look nice for our wedding day. You never know if your photographer is going to think up an amazing shot that gets your hands close up and you wouldn’t want dry cuticles or chipped polish to ruin that shot.

Most manicures last 5 to 7 days if you are really, really careful. That means that after the first few days of your honeymoon you are going to have to remove it. The chances are slim that you even remember to pack the polish remover. Lets face it, that last week before the wedding was crazy busy. Enter the new Creative Nail Design Shellac Manicure. This manicure is a polish that is applied and removed in a certified salon. The special formulation allows this polish to last for 14 days with no chips, smudges, or  cracks. This is a dream come true for brides. The best part is that there is no dry time. You read that right. No dry time. You can grab you keys and go just as soon as your manicure is complete. The cost is slightly higher than a regular manicure but for 14 days of wear I’d say it’s worth it!

You can check out a video review here or go to the CND website to see colors and find a salon!

I just had a regular manicure so as soon as this one wears off in a few days, I am going to schedule myself a Shellac Manicure!

We were not paid to promote this product. This post is purely for your information and education.

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  1. So funny, I was JUST reading about this polish over the weekend! I have to try it at least for a pedi since I have a overlay on my fingernails. Great find!!!

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