Paper Invitations… Must-Have or Not Needed?

Before you get all stressed out about this topic, let me say one thing… I am a traditionalist!  I love wedding traditions, and I fully believe that there are some things that just shouldn’t change.  However, in today’s society there are SO many different types of people, styles, and budgets when it comes to weddings.  So who am I to say that EVERY bride NEEDS paper invitations?  I do think they are still very important and can be used in conjuction with all thoes fancy apps out there.  We reached out to two of our “Paper Pros” on this issue because when you walk in our door to plan your wedding, we want to give you the FACTS on these tricky subjects!


{Paper designed by Darby Cards}

“Yes, the apps are all the rage right now. We, over at dear ole Darby Cards, like to say the invitation is the first impression your guests will receive. The invitation, without inserting any romantic feeling here, sets the mood or tone of your wedding so we strongly urge our brides to go with a paper invitation. And yes, cutting costs is always welcomed so we suggest to include an insert card with the website link to reply. Although, the traditionalists will say “it must be done on paper!” we realize this is a technology age. Plus, cutting costs where costs can be cut means tags, programs, and napkins…that will never go out of style. Let’s see an app that can clean up the punch that was spilled all over sweet Aunt Gayle.” ~ Darby


{Paper designed by Something Detailed}

“With the amount of digital media we are exposed to on a regular basis, why would you want your wedding invitation to get lost in the clutter? Receiving a printed invitation in the mail sets the expectation for the wedding, excites your guests and is the first impression.

You run the risk with a digital invitation of people getting their feelings hurt if they were not invited – technology makes your guest list more assessable and shareable. When it comes to getting your guests involved, technology may be appropriate for the younger crowd, but it may not easy for grandma or elderly guests. If you do decide to take advantage of technology in combination with your paper goods, an email or online rsvp is totally acceptable. Anything you can do to make it easier for guest to reply, the better. Apps that allow for photo sharing can be fun, but they may be in conflict of the professionals you have hired to work with you on your wedding day. Encouraging your guests to make your photographer’s job more of a challenge can put a strain on the relationship with your vendor. Who wants that “first kiss” picture to have a million iPhones in it too? Make sure you are keeping social graces in mind throughout all your wedding day decisions (guests, this goes for you too).

A few of my favorite wedding apps are: Evernote for note taking, Cozi for family calendar sharing, for inspiration, Redbooth for task management and collaboration and Postable for address gathering.

One thing that is not negotiable is the thank you note. Above all else, send a handwritten note to your guests. They have spent both time and money to celebrate with you.

Brides are defiantly looking for ways to save and budget, and I would suggest not trying to skimp on paper. Not only because I love paper and it truly does make a difference in your overall wedding design, but because of the few things you are able to save after your wedding, the invitation is one of them. Being a sentimentalist, I think about being able to pass down keepsakes to future generations.” ~ Jennifer


So that about sums it up!  While apps and e-cards can be fun and helpful during the wedding planning process, they will never take the place of paper wedding invitations!

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