Nashville Wedding Vidography At It’s Best!

I got married almost three years ago. My sweet hubby and I planned the entire wedding all by ourselves and looking back we do have a few regrets. One major one being that we didn’t have a videographer. We thought we had a great reason at the time. Most of the videographers out there were doing your simple point and film. There was little creativity in the shots or editing styles and we thought, why spend the money there if we will never watch it. Boy was I wrong. I would love nothing more than to be able to get out that DVD and watch our wedding every anniversary. I even look back now and think if I had that DVD I could have one of my favorite videographers re-edit it and make it something more. Lucky for you ladies and gents you have options. You can hire some of the most creative people in the business to video your wedding and you won’t have to worry about having that on your regret list. Today I want to introduce you to some of my favorite videographers!

First up is the fabulous husband and wife team, Robert and Aston, of Limestone Films. Take a look at a little clip of their work:

Next up we have Awaken. Awaken is a combined effort of Al, Matthew, and Josh. They offer stunning videography like this:

Last but certainly not least is our newest member of Wedding 101, John Jordan Films. John has a great eye and captures moments like these:

Check our our Videography section on our Vendor Directory to link up to these wonderful videographers websites, Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts. You can also find their email and phone info there as well!

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