Nashville-Inspired Wedding Favors!

If you’re having a Nashville wedding with guests coming from all over the country, why not showcase your Nashville style through your guest favors?!  I’ve put together some examples of adorable favors that truly show the Music City’s style!  Enjoy!

Goo Goo Clusters

In 1912, in a copper kettle at the Standard Candy Company at Clark & First Avenue right here in Nashville, the world’s first ever combination candy bar was invented.  This beloved candy grew in popularity and can now be found in multiple locations all over the country!  Goo Goo Cluster Favors are sure to show your guests just how sweet the South is!


(Goo Goo Clusters)

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Made right here in Tennessee, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has a full-bodied flavor that everyone will enjoy!  You can even get personalized labels with you and your fiance’s names and wedding date!



Guitar Shaped Sugar Cookies

These favors will not only satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, they will also send tribute to the dream of many Nashvillians… making it in the music industry!  After all, you can’t walk down 2nd Avenue without being serenaded by various artists.  These favors will bring a little piece of the Music City into your wedding reception!


(Guitar Cookies)

Moon Pies

These delicious treats are made in our city-neighbor, Chattanooga, but they are very popular here in Nashville as well!  Customize a label, create a clever sign, or leave the adorable Moon Pie labels as they are… However you present  the favors, your guests will love indulging in this sweet treat!


(Moon Pies)

Whatever favor you choose, it will really show your guests how appreciative you are that they came to celebrate your big day with you!  Have you already chosen your wedding favors?  Are you incorporating the Music City in your wedding in a different way?  Leave a comment to share your brilliant ideas!  We are always looking for more inspiration!

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    1. Tiffiny,
      You can get the mini Jack Daniel’s bottles from Frugal Macdoogal!
      Here’s their contact information:
      Address – 701 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203
      Phone Number – (615) 242-3612

      You can get personalized bottle labels from Something Detailed or Darby Cards!
      Something Detailed – – 615.669.5464
      Darby Cards – – 615.513.6522

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