Nashville Flood 2010

As I was enjoying mint juleps at Churchill Downs for Derby, my home city of Nashville was being pounded by torrential rains that today or tomorrow’s sun cannot erase.  The magnitude of the rain and its pending damage became quite apparent as we drove I-65 South home on Sunday.  I told my husband that it felt as if we were the last of the Israelites following Moses through the Red Sea before it came crashing down on the soldiers.  The policemen were literally closing exits and parts of the road as we drove through Nashville.

The power behind the running water reminded me of the sheer magnanimity of Mother Nature and that we really aren’t in control or can plan for every future tragedy despite our human efforts.   However, these are the times when I am reminded of the GREAT BIG HEARTS God gave us to desire helping others and acting on it.  There is no right or wrong here.  Just listen for those cries of help, from the need for size 3 diapers to the need for shelter, and respond.

Though it does not have anything to do with weddings or The Derby, there isn’t anything more important to focus on today for Nashville.  Eventually, hard work and sunny days will wash away the flood.  Pray for all today… and tomorrow.

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    1. wedding101blog

      Visited your site and what a great list to help those people know where their help is needed.

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