Must Have photos from your wedding day

One of my favorite things about a wedding is the pictures…the photographs that will be hanging in your home for years and will show your grandchildren. Work with your photographer to make sure he/she captures what is important to you on your wedding day.

The following photos are MUST HAVES when the wedding day is done.

Your mother helping you into your dress and plenty of fun pictures with your bridal party.

First look with your father. Capture that first moment your dad sees you in your wedding dress. Make sure to bring the tissues and try not to mess up your makeup.

A picture of you looking at your dress in the mirror. This would be a photo to show your daughter one day.

The kiss, of course!  The moment you become husband and wife and begin your life together.

The groom’s expression when he sees you for the first time.

Don’t forget to get a photo of you and your man smiling and walking down the aisle together after the ceremony.

Make sure you get a ton of pictures of you dancing. Take pictures of you dancing with your husband, father, and all of your lovely guests.

Photography is all about capturing those small precious moments. Be sure to capture every moment of your wedding by getting some of these must have shots.

~Another sweet blog from Intern Allie!

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