Modest to Hottest: Dress Tips for Every Mother

Because finding your perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments between you and your mother, we often forget how important it is for your mom to find her perfect dress. This is such a special day, not only for you and your fiancé, but for your mothers. They definitely should look and feel stunning on your day. Just in case your mom is having trouble, read some of these tips to help with her dress shopping!

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1) Bridal Gown comes first. Once the bride has her gown and has chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses, it is the Mother of the Bride’s turn. Then, it is the Mother of the Groom’s turn to choose a dress.

2) Have the bride share her vision for the wedding day and what she sees you wearing. Look through the bridal magazines and wedding blogs with her to find what you both might like. Real weddings and style shoots are fantastic for sparking ideas.

3) Give plenty of time to find the right dress. Don’t assume the perfect dress will be on a department store or boutique rack. Start looking early, because many mothers decide to have a gown made which takes more time to custom design and fit. Even if you find a dress off the rack, it will surely need alterations.

4) The mothers’ gowns’ colors should compliment the bride’s gown and bridesmaids’ gowns. Mothers of the Day should not wear cream, white, or ivory, nor match the bridesmaids. Although the bride may have an idea of color, be sure that the color compliments your mother’s skin and hair coloring.

5)The Mother of the Groom’s dress should compliment not only the color of the Mother of the Bride’s dress, but echo the skirt and sleeve length, as well as formality. ***It’s a nice gesture for the bride to give a swatch of fabric from the bridesmaid’s dress and the mother of the bride’s dress, so she can find a complimentary color and style. (FYI: Hats should only be worn if both mothers are wearing hats.)

Brides, you want these gowns to fit your taste and style but remember to consider your mother’s comfort and feeling of confidence on a day which is just as important to them as it is to you. Also, consider going shopping for the dresses with them individually. Your mother will love the one on one moment, and your mother-in-law will feel more confident about her choice if you join her.

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