Meet our 3rd lovely summer Wedding 101 Intern

Wedding 101 is blessed with not just one or two interns this summer but three! Meet Ashley White and learn why she thinks weddings are the happiest party ever!

1. What do you like most about Nashville?

I love how lively Nashville is—there’s something happening around every corner! The community here is incredible and so diverse—all kinds of people travel to Nashville and hope to make it big. We thrive off of the mentality that you can hop of the greyhound bus with a guitar and a dream.

2. What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be an event-planner, possibly a wedding planner! I am fascinated by all that I’m learning about the wedding industry, and I think it would be a wonderful outlet for my creative and organizational mind. Ultimately, though, it would make me happiest to become a mom one day.

3. Favorite hangout/restaurant/coffee shop in Nashville?

My favorite Nashville restaurant is Pancake Pantry. I’ll never say no to fluffy buttermilk pancakes, bacon, and cheese grits.

 4. Favorite past time?

I love to be in front of people—anything from emceeing events, to acting, to singing—I love to get the crowd going!

5. Favorite color?


6. What do you love about weddings?

I love the anticipation and the joy of the bride and groom. It’s the day they decide that without the other, they’d only be half of what they could be. Everyone they love, family and friends, have been cheering them on throughout the planning process and finally gather together to celebrate a truly beautiful day. It’s the happiest party ever!



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