Mediterranean Isle Wedding Inspiration

While this cold snap has been good for a few things, like working on my landscaping, it has not been so good for others. It really has got me dreaming of beautiful seaside villages in the Mediterranean. What could be more perfect than a destination wedding on one of the many Mediterranean Isles? Here’s my inspiration:

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First, that seaside image just makes me happy. I can see myself sipping a cold sweet drink  and reading a good book at a little cafe right next to the sea. The doily lace inner envelope on the invitations makes simply opening your invite a memorable moment. Consider a gourmet popcorn buffet rather than a candy buffet during particularly hot or humid climates. That way you’ll never have to worry about melting candies. A simple white cake with beautiful flower details is perfect for a chic & rustic event. The doily pendant lights would be spectacular hung in large numbers and varying sizes. Bridesmaid dresses in a pinky peach chiffon fabric would photograph beautifully against the deep blue sea as a back drop. Who says your wedding dress can’t be your something blue? These two blue options are just so sophisticated. I would have never thought about using bubbles, you have seen my thoughts on favors if you are a long time reader, because I really think they are overdone and most are packaged so cheaply. These are packaged so well that it would be something I would consider. Proof that packaging and details do make a difference. Finally, the little sweet flower girl dress. If you ladies have looked far and wide for a dress that doesn’t look to fussy or overly done, let’s face it little children do not enjoy scratchy things, this is the perfect dress. Not to much, but just enough to make her feel special without the sad face and pre-wedding “It’s itchy!” tantrum.

Image Credits~
Sergento photo on 1.bp | via Jessica Meli
Doily Invitations by Martha Stewart on We Heart It | via Veronika Harbick
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Cake by My Sweet And Saucy on Apartment 34 | via Living Enough
Bridesmaid Dress by JCrew | via Jessica Smith
Light blue gown by Little Emma English Home on FrenchBlue | via Lori Anderson
Other blue gown by Unknown | via Lynn Goldfinger Abram
Bubbles by Style Me Pretty on Hostess blog | via Amy Cordova
Flower girl dress by Gap | via Ursula

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