Marci’s “That Girl”!

Remember the couple who won the Her Nashville/Wedding 101 Ultimate Wedding Giveaway? WELL Starting today, you can follow Marci (and sometimes David) on our blog as she plans her wedding day. We are so excited to be able to share with you her feelings and her thoughts. And she would love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to comment. So without further ado…


So I have never been that girl. You know, the one that wins the raffle or knows where all the good deals are. I’m not even the girl who finds a five-dollar bill in my own laundry.

When “Marci and David” were announced as the winners of the Wedding 101 and Her Nashville Ultimate Dream Wedding Giveaway, you might understand why I literally threw myself around my fiancé’s neck!

Moment captured by Joe Hendricks Photography

David and I are incredibly thankful that Wedding 101 and Her Nashville decided to team up and put this contest out there, along with all of the amazing vendors who are participating in the giveaway, and also to all of our friends, family, and readers who voted for us to win!

I don’t think David ever realized that bringing my great-grandmother’s diamond parasailing to propose would go beyond snagging him a fiancée. 🙂

What happened after the contest ended?

Since the big party and contest announcement at Wedding 101, we’ve definitely been busy. We already had our venue, date, colors, and people, but that left a LOT of fun details to fill in. I never truly appreciated the value of a datebook until now. Every week it seems as if there is another meeting to attend or event to check out.

I’m not entirely sure where the last month has gone! We’ve met with photographers, paper people, dressmakers, and the videographer, and we’ve got rentals, flowers, the caterer, the cake folks, and an endless amount of other meetings coming up. It’s pandemonium in Marci world.

And it’s easy to see what makes a “Big Day” so big.

I’m so thankful that David and I decided early on to work with a wedding coordinator. Our planner, Angie Ferguson, is my guardian angel and is quite possibly saving my sanity through this crazy and wonderful experience!!

I can’t wait to blog about the whole process, let you in on little secrets I learn along the way, brag about how amazing Wedding 101 is, and tell you all about our vendors. Look for a weekly post from me (and possibly a surprise note or two from David, too) throughout the summer.

Thanks everyone, and happy planning!


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