Longest Married Couple – 69 years ago

69 Years of Marriage

Leola and Sam Osteen were named longest married couple of the afternoon session during the festivities. She said the key to a long marriage is “being really and deeply in love when you first meet and the first year (of marriage) and hanging on to that for the next 70 years.” Another bit of advice — “Never go to sleep mad,” she said. Her husband chimed in and said it’s helpful to like doing the same things and to enjoy doing them together. He was a principal and she a teacher, so they worked at the same school and enjoyed the same time off of work, he said.

I came across this newspaper article about a Senior Citizens’ luncheon in Texas celebrating anniversaries and thought that longevity is definitely worth noting and celebrating. The couples’ words made me reflect on the whole reason behind the wedding. We really do spend so much time planning the wedding and forgetting what is to come in the days and the years to follow. I have been married for only fifteen years and would repeat the same words shared by this more wise couple about what keeps a marriage afloat. David and I would also say that continuing to “date” is extremely important. It keeps the flame that was ignited between two people alive long after the wedding bells stop ringing in your head. I love being married and believe that is the point of getting married.

What a privilege and blessing it is that Wedding 101 gets to be a part of setting this lifelong adventure in motion.

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