Let the Rain Drops Keep Fallin’


Just this morning as I was driving to the studio, I thought about all of the Nashville brides who might be bummed about the rain that just won’t leave Nashville alone.  This award-winning photo by one of our photographers, Kevin Wimpy, catches the magic of a romantic moment in the rain.

It brings to mind my sister’s wedding on a Saturday in August with a special guest — Hurricane Erin.  Now, my sister was not bummed by the sweet drizzle that morning as we sipped our coffee at the hotel in Lexington, KY, but the torrential rain that followed that evening almost washed away some of her joy.  The rains that accompanied Hurricane Erin made the chapel steps look like Niagara Falls!!!!  Although the newlyweds did not get any pictures on the steps of the chapel with the custom-made topiaries flanking the doors, the ceremony was breathtaking inside.  After the ceremonial pictures, Dad, Stepdad James, and Grandaddy came through when it was time to leave Transylvania University’s campus and head to the reception.  They made a canopy out of umbrellas to get my sister and her beautiful, white gown (and the groom!) into the limousine without one watermark or mud splash.  Her dress never did get wet thanks to the umbrellas!

Think about a precious umbrella that can add a sunny flair on a rainy day like the one pictured here on Twitter today! http://twitpic.com/ib1p3

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