7 Wedding Cake Theme Ideas for Your Wedding Day 2019

The act of cutting the cake together is one of the most important activities of your wedding day. As such, there is no doubt that choosing the perfect wedding cake is an equally important part of the preparations – just as important as choosing the best Sandals Resort for your honeymoon! The “traditional” wedding cake may be the classic tiered white fruitcake with a miniature figure of the bride and groom on the top but this is 2019 and it’s time to experiment with alternative, eclectic wedding cake ideas that are better suited to your personal style and taste.

Bring Literal Meaning to the Concept of “Cheesecake”

Do you and your beau favor all things savory rather than those that are sweet? Perhaps you both are renowned among your social circles as not really having much affection for desserts. Opting to have a cheesecake may be the perfect alternative at your wedding reception. To clarify, we don’t mean “cheesecake” in the traditional sense, but an actual cake of cheese. Mind blown yet? Think a tiered style cake where each tier is comprised of a different wheel of cheese. Brie, and gouda, and cheddar – oh my!

Incorporate Influences from Other Cultures

Are you and your partner culture vultures who adore globetrotting and uncovering the secrets of other cultures around the globe? Think about incorporating an ethnic theme into your wedding menu and cake. Instead of a traditional tiered fruit cake, consider doing like the Italians do and creating a cake of oversized millefoglie – pastry with strawberries and cream. Love Middle Eastern culture? How about a syrupy sweet baklava cake? Your wedding cake can be an opportunity to take your guests and their taste buds on a journey around the globe.

Lots of Teeny Tiny Cupcakes

Let’s not deny it: cupcakes are cute. There is just something that seems so adorable about a teeny tiny portion of cake, regardless of how old you get. Instead of opting for a huge tiered cake, you could consider serving out hundreds of mini wedding cupcakes instead. These can be personalized as much as you like – either to fit the overall theme of your wedding or in order to craft cupcakes that offer a personal touch to each guest!

Geometric Designs

Who said that the correct way to make a wedding cake was to make it circular? Recently, there has been an emerging trend in obscure shaped wedding cakes. Think sharp angles and obscure shapes. This style is best complemented with bold, vibrant colors for an altogether more futuristic style.

Floral Arrangements on Cakes

With all of the emergence in alternative wedding themes and cake designs in recent years, you may still feel that you want to withhold the traditional style of having a white tiered wedding cake. That is perfectly understandable. Afterall, classics are that way for a reason – because they are so beautiful and timeless! With that said, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with your cake design and one way in which you can do that is by adding a floral theme to your wedding cake.

Floral themes on cakes never get old. This is also one of those cake designs that is so delicate and feminine that it will fit effortlessly into any wedding theme. Floral cake designs can be as bold or as subtle as you like – from delicate white icing roses that cascade up the length of the tiers, to colorful faux flowers, berries, and woodland accessories that sit on the top or bottom of the cake.

Textured Tiers

An additional way in which you can implement a contemporary design to a traditional cake is by playing with the texture. Who said that tiered white wedding cakes needed to be smooth and texturally bland? Textured wedding cakes can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Pleats, ruffles and lace are all popular considerations that never go out of style.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch up the Flavors

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Up until now we have only mentioned the external appearance of your wedding cake, but what about the yummy, scrummy inside? A lot of people don’t really enjoy the traditional fruit cake that is used to make wedding cake but are afraid to step out on tradition.

Let’s look at it this way: If someone attends five weddings over the course of a summer, they are sure to feel bored to tears of fruit cake by the end of it. Probably they will have a forgotten shelf in their fridge dedicated to all of those forgotten fruit cakes may they rest in peace. However! If you switch things up and opt for an indulgent, chocolate Devil’s food cake, or a flavorful carrot cake then your cake is not likely to be sent off to the refrigerator shelf of lost cake, it’s going to get gobbled up straight away!

Making a decision on what cake to buy for your wedding can be overwhelming. Overall though, it is important to have fun with this and simply choose a cake that suits you and your partner’s personality and preferences. Buy a few bridal magazines and thumb through their glossy pages for inspiration. Have fun visiting bakeries and sampling mouthfuls of different recipes. This planning process is certain to be an enjoyable one!

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