Keeping Your Guest Cool In A Heat Wave Outdoor Wedding & Reception Ideas

Cities in more than 25 states, as well Washington, D.C., broke records for average daily temperatures in March, 2012 so if that’s any indication of what spring will be like here in the south we’ve got warmer than normal temps continuing. That means all you lovely brides who’ve planned outdoor weddings based on temps the last few years could be looking at June/July weather in April and May. Everything is set so how will you battle the warmer weather for your guests? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

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First, tell them the Wedding/Reception will be held outdoors so they come dressed for the heat. You don’t want Great Aunt Hattie wearing her best polyester Sunday suit to an outdoor wedding in 80 degree heat. Great Aunt Hattie would be better off wearing a cotton sundress.

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Now that they are dressed for the heat, you’ve got to keep your guests hydrated. The last thing you want is an emergency call for someone who’s gotten dehydrated in the heat. Make sure you provide plenty of water along with your beverage services. Water is key especially if you’ll be serving alcohol. Consider adding a Popsicle bar with fun flavors to help keep guests cool as well.

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Next, provide some air movement. Whether you go the electric fan route, yes there are stylish options out there, or simply provide every guest with a hand held fan, air movement is key to keeping cool in the heat. Using a mix of both options is best. Especially think about electric fans around the dance area.Want to make the fans from BHLDN up there? See this post for the tutorial.

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You’ll also need to provide some shade. Especially for your older guests like Great Aunt Hattie and little ones if you’re inviting children. Think outside the box. You don’t have to rent a tent. Hang fabric, provide small shaded areas, and even consider hanging umbrellas upside down to create an escape from the sun.

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Last provide a way for your guests to refresh themselves. Coolers full of ice cold towels can really help keep guests cool and fresh. Take a hint from the great resorts that provide these poolside and add a refreshing spa fragrance by adding a spritz of an essential oil like mint or eucalyptus. Personal refresh spray favors can also be a hit. I’d sever them up in some ice buckets to make them even more cool. Don’t forget to provide a little sunscreen bar and even offer up some bug spray. You don’t want guests to remember your wedding because of that awful sunburn or pesky bug bites.

So, how are you planning to keep your guests cool? Did any of the tips above spark some ideas? We’d love for you to share them over on our Facebook page!

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