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Debra Mabry with The Broom Boutique came to visit us at Wedding 101 a couple of months ago to share her love for an old African American custom of jumping the broom.  I love the ritual and thought it might be an idea you would want to add to your wedding ceremony.

History of Jumping the Broom Tradition

“Jumping the Broom” represents an Old African tradition that started in the 1700’s when Africans were captured and forcibly brought to American shores to be slaves.  They were bought and sold as property and had no rights.  Thus, slaves were not allowed to marry.  Yet, the enslaved were very spiritual and prideful people who would not succumb to their master’s denial of marriage, and so the ritual of jumping the broom began. (Debra Mabry)

This ritual symbolizes sweeping away the old and bringing in the new.  African-American couples have brought this custom back to their wedding ceremonies as a means to respect and to honor their ancestral heritage.  As Debra points out, each part of the broom symbolizes something significant.

  • The Straws of the Broom represent the joining of two families.
  • The Handle represents the Almighty.
  • The Ribbons represent the ties that bind couples together.

What a great family heirloom and homage to the past.  If you would like to add this ritual to your ceremony, contact The Broom Boutique at 615-399-2138 or your wedding planner.

Happy Planning, Ashley

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