Instagram Photobooth?! IT’S REAL!

Instagram has taken over the social media world. And if you’re like me, then you pretty much have an Instagram picture for every significant event or moment in your life. Your wedding is no exception! Snyder Entertainment has made it possible to add a touch of Instagram to your wedding day photo booth!

From Brian Snyder, owner of Snyder Entertainment:

As we see a trend of weddings starting to #hashtag their events, the wedding industry has followed suit. Instagram has been such a popular social media sites as you can take the pictures and of course immediately see them online. Multiple events this year would have a chalkboard or place cards with their specific Instagram #hashtag so everyone could take pictures and share in on the fun.

With our instagram station we take that to the next level of everyone still using their phones and a unique #hashtag, ex..#Brian&AshleyWed Every picture taken with the #Brian&AshleyWed through Instagram will automatically be download to our Instagram Print Station. Your guest can come up throughout the evening and print out those pictures as a keepsake. They will print out with the same filters you have used on Instagram with the username of who took the picture and date up top. The Snyder Entertainment team will customize each print with an graphic overlay to match colors and themes of the event.

WiFi is a requirement to get the photos to download and if no WiFi is provided at your venue, we have ways of working around that for a nominal charge. Currently a 4 hour rental (if needed, we can provide additional time). At the show yesterday, we had multiple people who wanted (and did) book the print station in conjunction with a photo booth. The thought was to eliminate lines and to have the best of both worlds with funny props for the booth, then having 150 photographers at your wedding with their smartphones in action. The booth refreshes photos every 60 seconds.
The booth will be sent out with an attendant to help guests with any questions about the station or Instagram. Could be a very unique way to create some fun at your rehearsal dinner, maybe the print station one night and a photo booth the other. Could be a fun way to propose, take a pic on instagram, and then when it prints out, the #hashtag is #willyoumarryme

We also have the ability with this print station to turn off Instagram and wirelessly connect a digital camera to the station and every picture that is taken with the camera would then print out at the station with a graphic overlay. This could also be used on the rehearsal dinner evening and then use the instagram feature for the wedding.

I know you want this booth at your wedding! Contact Brian at 615.496.3155 or email him at for more information on how to get this booth at your upcoming wedding!

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