Inspired by: Puppy Love

I love the idea of having your furry best friend by your side on your big day. Unfortunately for my sweet hubby and I our venue wouldn’t allow our sweet Kylie to be with us. However, there are many venues will allow for your little FBF (furry best friend) to attend and even participate. Take a look at these adorable FBF photos!

Puppy Love, Dog, Wedding, Weddings, Mans Best FriendImage credits: Black Great Dane via Robalberti, Black and White Frenchi via Elope To San Diego, English Bulldog via Ali Walker, Bride and Groom with Yellow Lab via The Wedding Chicks, Golden Retriever and Cute White Dog via The Knot

We know having a dog at your wedding isn’t for everyone but it’s a great way to share your day with absolutely everyone in your family!

Will you have your FBF at your wedding? Have you every been to a wedding where a family pet was in attendance?

And just because I never pass up an opportunity to show off my sweet girl, here is a photo of our sweet American Bulldog, Kylie!

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