In the Studio – Part 1 – Meet with Your Consultant!

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Yes, our studio is an actual place for you to come plan your wedding! And the best part is, it’s completely FREE! The first step in planning with our studio is setting up a consultation with one of our Bridal Consultants. Ashley #2 and I (Heather) are the primary Bridal Consultants, and we LOVE meeting with you! Whether you want to stop in on your lunch break, or schedule a time after work, we are always available to sit down with you and discuss your wedding plans! We have three steps for each stage of the planning process… Our hope is that you will come back for 3 to 4 visits throughout your engagement. Afterall, you can’t plan a whole wedding in one hour!

1. Schedule a Consultation!

During our first consultation we will discuss your style, budget, and what you’re most excited about! During the first consultation, and each one thereafter, we will present you with various portfolios that represent the work of vendors who fit within your budget and style. We will ensure each vendor is available on your wedding day, and from there, you can narrow down which vendors you are interested in meeting!

2. Meet with Vendors!

Tomorrow’s blog will dive more into this part of the planning process… But the main thing to remember is that we can schedule all your vendor meetings for you! We can schedule two cake tastings and an invitations meeting all in one afternoon, so you can knock out those decisions! All of your meetings can take place in the studio, and we try to make sure each one is no more than 45 minutes to an hour.

3. Book your Vendor & Schedule your Next Consultation with Us!

After you decide on your chosen vendor, schedule your next consultation with us! Then we can move on to the next set of vendors to choose from, and the process will start all over! We want this to be easy and fun for you, so below is an image of the Reminder Card you’ll receive after each consultation.


So what are you waiting for?! Schedule your consultation today!

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