How to Make Your Dad Feel Special on the Wedding Day

Dear Daddy, I love you.

Dad does play a special part in the wedding. From words of wisdom, walking the bride down the aisle, speeches, helping to foot the bill, and even participating in a sweet Father-Daughter dance. Showing love for this sweet man is an important part of her wedding day.


Here are a few ideas to make this day a little extra special for dad:

First Look

Plan a first look for your father and capture it on camera!!

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Choose a song that would be special for both of you!

Invite him to do a reading or blessing

It could be a book passage, prayer, or poem he used to read to you. Just the moments spent looking for something perfect for him to read will be a special time for you and him.

Capture a sweet memory

Be sure to add a few photo ops of you and your dad (or anyone else significant to you) to your photographer’s must-have shots. Surprise him with a framed version after the wedding.

Embroidered Handkerchief

Embroider a handkerchief with a sweet personal message to your father. Include the date of your wedding and whatever else you want.

Goodbye Kiss

Before you leave the ceremony with your new husband, remind your dad that he’s still an important part of your life with a goodbye kiss.

Honoring Loved Ones

If your father passed away before the wedding, attach a photo of him to your shoes or your bouquet so that he can still walk you down the aisle.

Handwritten Note

Nothing says love and appreciation than a well-thought out, handwritten letter from you. It is the ultimate keepsake.

~Spring Intern Allie Herring

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