How to Boil Water Without Burning It!

You may laugh, but it is quite possible.  I must confess that I did it in the first year of marriage! 🙁  Rather than take the chance, check out Paula Emmons’ family recipe keepsake, as well as a concise guide to the kitchen. Each book contains her How to Boil Water Without Burning It and then a collection of  family recipes and photos for the newlywed couple.  You can visit her blog or come by Wedding 101 to place a custom order.  It is a fabulous wedding or anniversary gift idea. 🙂

SO what gave Paula the idea?  Read her answer below.

My story is simple . . . my love for art dates back to childhood. From early memories of sitting on my grandmother’s lap, I would draw and color and “dream on paper”. As a young adult, unfortunately, getting a higher education was not emphasized and my dream of becoming a fashion illustrator waned. Instead, I married, traveled and became an excellent office administrator, then later, an art teacher.

About 5 years ago I pursued a personal goal of earning a degree. I entered college and 3 years later earned an Associates Degree in Visual Communications/Graphic Design. Within the classes and projects “Forever Memory Books” evolved. I have found a way to hold memories of priceless family recipes within a personalized book. My favorite item to include is a hand-written recipe card from Mom or Grandma or Aunt. I have all my grandmother’s recipe books with her notes written in the margins. What a treasure to be passed on to future generations! It would be my pleasure to create on of these very special books for your daughter, niece, friend or son!

As a graphic designer, I will create for you a very unique recipe book for the bride and groom. The concept of the book is simple . .  I have created a fun “how to” recipe section called “How To Boil Water Without Burning It!” Added to this section is a small collection of recipes very special to the bride’s and groom’s families. Included on the page are captions describing the recipe or who submitted the recipe. You will want to include whatever it is that makes the recipe special. Add some photos of perhaps the bridal shower, engagement pictures or a wedding shot and voila! a personalized, custom, first recipe book for the new family.


My family favorite passed down was a Blueberry Salad Recipe from my Gram.  Of course, I rather have my Gram make it, but I love having her handwritten recipe to remember her as I attempt to make it the way she did.

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