Hotel Tips… How to Reserve Rooms!


While hotels make for a fabulous wedding venue, they are also perfect for arranging your guests’ stay! Your friends and family will travel long distances to be with you on your wedding day, so it’s important to ensure they have a pleasant, convenient place to stay. The best way to assist your guests in having a place to stay while they are in town is to reserve several room blocks at nearby hotels. We spoke with our friends at the Hutton Hotel, and they answered all our questions! Hopefully they’ll answer some of yours too!

Does it cost anything to create a room block?

No, For the Hutton Hotel we offer a Courtesy Block of up to 10 rooms per night with no financial responsibility. Or a Contract with 90% Attrition for any amount of 10 rooms per night. Each hotel will vary.


Is there a minimum room requirement for room blocks?

Yes, there is a minimum 10 room requirement per night.  If you need less than 10 rooms, guests can book individually at BAR (Best Rate Available).


Does the couple typically pay for the room block, or is that left up to the guests?

The payment is definitely left up to the guests.  Sometimes the couple will pay for room and tax for bridesmaids and groomsmen, but not the entire block.


Is there a discount when room blocks are used?

Yes, typically it is a significant amount such as $50-$80 off of the Best Rate Available.


How far ahead of time should couples reserve rooms?

As soon as possible! Nashville is becoming very busy, and a lot of couples are running into city-wide groups for events such as Marathon weekends, football games, and popular concerts. These events lead to higher rates and can even prevent blocks from being offered for that period.

Thanks to Event Manager, Whitney Eccher, for all these helpful tips!  If you are interested in booking your wedding at the Hutton, or even making some room blocks for your guests, contact them today!  Not only is the Hutton fabulous for people, they also allow your furry friends to join you in your stay!  It is one of the few Nashville hotels that are pet-friendly!


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