Honeymoon Tips

Packing for your honeymoon can be stressful on top of all your wedding details the week before the big day. While you can find full packing lists all over the internet, I’m going to share some of my favorite tips to help keep you on the right track!

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Tip 1: Pack one full change of clothes, any necessary toiletry items, and a swimsuit. This way if your luggage gets lost you’ll still have everything you need to have a great time while you wait on your luggage to arrive.

Tip 2: Slip a piece of paper in each piece of your luggage that includes you travel itinerary: Travel date, your names, flight number, hotel name, your contact info. Do the same for your travel home itinerary too. That way if you luggage is lost on either travel date, the airline will know exactly how to find you quickly.

Tip 3: Buy your tickets in your maiden name. Your passport or id must match your ticket and since you won’t have time to officially change your last name before the wedding, you’ll want to keep your maiden last name for a week longer.

So there you it! My top 3 tips for traveling your honeymoon!

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