Have a Champagne Cocktail Bachelorette Party! Guest Post by Kate Coppola

Kate recently threw her best friend a fabulous Champagne Cocktail Bachelorette party and it looked like so much fun! Take it away Kate!

A weekend in Laguna Beach is just what a girl needs to rest, relax and rejuvenate. My best friend is getting married in a couple weeks, so we had to whisk her away for a bachelorette weekend before the Miss becomes a Mrs! Three full days of everything girly…and the weekend was topped of with a fun Champagne Cocktail Lingerie Shower:

How to…Throw a Champagne Cocktail Party:

Cocktail Bar:

*Champagne (Prosecco, Sparkling White Wine is equally fine)
*3 or 4 different Champagne Cocktail Recipes: We chose a Classic Champagne Cocktail, Pimms Royale, Mimosa, and Poinsettia. Recipes here.
*Garnishes and mixers based on recipes chosen.


*Assorted cheeses with crackers and torn up french bread
*Grapes to garnish cheese plates
*Crudite platter
*Pita chips and hummus

*Scour vintage shops, antique stores, and specialty shops for all different champagne glasses. Give each guest their own glass to take home with them.
*Candles, candles candles! My go-to decor. Tea lights, pillars, tapers, use them all. We were outside for this party, so we had to be creative in our placement – out of the ocean breeze.
*Silver seashells make gorgeous paper weights. And real sea shells hold down the drink recipes.
*Wooden Skewer Sticks tied with fun ribbon make festive stirring sticks
*Undo a pre-made bouquet from a flower store to make a more modern arrangement – place a single stem in each vase.
*Hand tear ribbed card stock, and write down the names of the cheeses – then attach to a wooden skewer and stick in each cheese.
*Write out each recipe for every cocktail you plan to serve.
*Get creative with garnishes: Berries got poured into wine glasses, vintage cake stands hold cucumber slices and mixers, a martini glass serves up sugar cubes.

Want to keep up with Kate and all her domestic fabulousness? Check out her blog Dream To Life!

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