{Guest Post} To DIY or Not to DIY? by Camie Occasions

Wedding 101 loves DIY! Obviously, we dedicate every Friday to just these projects. For the last few weeks, Lindsey has spent a few posts focusing on to DIY or not, and I just had to share one more from the perspective of one of our fabulous wedding planners/designers, Camie Steiner. She’s got a point!

Camie Steiner, Owner of Camie Occasions Event Design Boutique

Hello, all you queens of the craft store, budget stretching fashionistas, and Do-It-Your Self Brides! A huge buzz in today’s wedding world circles around “Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas”. And why wouldn’t you pay attention!?

Twenty years ago a similar trend swept the bridal market, as I distinctly remember gluing individual pearls onto wedding décor as a child….and of course loving every minute of it! Today’s DIY projects have come so far; as a planner and designer at Camie Occasions, I really see an increase in the quality of DIY projects for weddings and events over years past.

However, the planner in me constantly sees both the pros and cons of this trend. I can definitely see how DIY helps stretch a budget (in most cases), it also adds a personal and sometimes sentimental touch to your special day…especially if mom, grandma or someone special helped. However, I also see the sneaky side of DIY where projects creep up on my brides who then become overwhelmed or sometimes the projects are more difficult than originally anticipated.

So the question of the day is when to DIY and when NOT to DIY! Here are some tips:

Price for materials Vs Price of actual purchase: The key take-away here is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Recently, I was thinking a faux fur shawl would be an awesome addition to a Winter Wonderland Wedding theme. I was all geared up because it’s an adorable touch and would be super easy to make. However as my design inspiration was full throttle ahead, the logistical planner on my left shoulder encouraged my fingers to do the walking! What I found is that with a little research I could purchase a faux fur shawl for less than I could buy the pricey fabric…thank you China! LOL



Price of materials Vs Time to DIY: Let’s flip the scenerio and assume that the price of materials is waaay less than it would cost you to purchase it. Always do some research on the time involved in the project. If you are an especially busy person balancing work, life, personal, family, school and/or wedding stuff, your time might be more valuable.

Even if you have all the time in the world, think about the time constraints of the projects…why? If you spend 30 waking hours making one single DIY project for your wedding, you will be very emotionally invested in it, maybe even overly stressed about it. Sometimes DIY can be the seed that sprouts a bridezilla!

Skill level: I am in no way doubting your mad craft skills, but DIY is not for everyone and surprisingly more often than not can be more difficult or involved than originally anticipated…..trust me! I L-O-V-E DIY projects and consider myself quite proficient! But, even this Diva of the glue gun, master of the sewing machine, Glitter Glutton and anything that would even give me a hint of resembling a modern-day bridal MacGyver , has gotten herself into some projects that were too difficult! Bottom line: Do your research and know your limitations.


# of DIY projects: Every week I see brides with hundreds of Pinterest Pins on their wedding boards and over half are DIY projects. From experience, my advice is seriously evaluate the number of DIY projects you are considering for your big day. The last thing you want is for the fun and excitement of your wedding day to be replaced with stress and a sensation of being overwhelmed.

The moral of this blog story is if you are going to DIY some things for your wedding…be realistic as to the number of projects you take on, the difficulty of the projects, always do your research and PLAN AHEAD because time flies when you’re having fun!

When to let a professional take over: If you have never really been a crafty person in the past, your wedding is not a great first project to go solo on. If you or your fiancé are working two jobs to afford a wonderful wedding and a house down payment; honestly it’s not worth the stress. Don’t pick up a bunch of DIY projects when you are already stretching for time to see each other and make time for normal things in your life like grocery shopping, clothes washing and having a nice glass of wine to relax. Lastly, professionals can ensure that on your wedding day your décor and planning is high quality and comes together looking like one cohesive vision.

Stay Tuned Every Friday for possible DIYs you might want to take on to make your wedding day personal.



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