Guest Post, Ryan Sweeney Photography

Today we have Ryan Sweeney here to share a few of his favorite captured moments. Before we get to the beautiful images  Lets get to know Ryan a little better.

“I became a photographer, so I could use the skills I already possessed to make beautiful images of people. However, I discovered something I never expected to find: love. A love for real people experiencing the most joyous day of their lives, a love for feeling such an intense level of happiness, and a love for photographing people together in celebration. That’s why I do this today. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite moments.”

My wife really likes this image because of its symmetry.

I love this image because it gets a really great response from people when they see it.  I always get asked,“how did you get her to go into the water????”.  The funny thing is, it was HER idea!

The trifecta: gorgeous dress, beautiful bride, and a really nice setting.

I like the burst of light that outlines them. I love how the guests are concentrated on the newlyweds during their first dance.

I like the contrast of colors, and the uniqueness of this image.

Where are you going to find two chairs in a barn?  I like this because it is different and chic.

The expressions don’t get better than this.  And bubbles help.

Thanks Ryan! These are some really beautiful shots!

Ryan Sweeney Photography
Nashville, TN
Call: 615.390.6913

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