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Today we have Jenifer Faught, of Something Detailed, here to share a little inside information on the process of working with a custom stationer. Keep in mind, this is how Jennifer works and other designers could vary in their processes. My favorite thing about working with a custom stationer is that you can get exactly what you want! Take it away Jennifer!

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So, you’ve visited Wedding 101 and decided to have some custom wedding invitations designed. What next? What should you expect? Here is a bit of Q&A to help walk you through what it’s like to have invitations designed by Something Detailed.

What should brides expect when having custom wedding invitations and event details designed?
Many times, having custom wedding invitations designed is the first time a bride has worked with a
graphic designer, and they aren’t sure what to expect. Before any project, preparation is very important to have a successful final product. Looking through a designer’s portfolio will give you a good idea of their design aesthetic – we’re all different! Designing custom invitations is definitely a process – it takes time – and multiple iterations to get it perfect, so don’t be discouraged if the first concepts don’t fit your fancy.
It will get there. Trust the designer, and be clear with your expectations and changes. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or have no idea where to start, I will work with you to create your perfect invitation.

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What advice would you give a bride who is designing custom paper details for her wedding?
1) Come with an open mind. Collaboration really is the best way to design something great. Spill the beans about your wedding! I want to hear everything. It really helps with the styling of your invitations.
2) Your best memories will come from something that has been created just for you. Be different! Try not to get your mind set on a specific design you’ve pulled from the web.
3) Bring lots of pictures that you’ve saved that show your wedding theme – that aren’t invitations.
4) The most important…know what you want to spend, or are willing to spend, on your paper details. Budget is very important to know when designing your invitations – it can change the design – but not always the impact.

What are the things a bride should know when she has her first meeting for invitations or paper details? Color swatches, images of your décor and wedding ideas, 3 adjectives to describe your wedding and budget.

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Your event begins the moment your guests receive your invitation. So, whether your invitation is casual or elegant, multi-layered or a single-layer card, or simple or ornate, custom design allows you to create the exact invitation you want to convey your theme and reflect your personalities. Have these things in mind when you come for your first meeting.

How long does it take to design custom invitations?
You should allow around 4-6 weeks on average for your invitations to be designed, printed and assembled. You should contact me, at the latest, 4 months out from your wedding date. It helps for you to have a clear vision of your day and some ideas in mind. If you are designing announcements or party invitations, you should allow around 2 weeks for design and printing.

We are so happy that Jennifer stopped by to take the mystery out of working with a designer for you. If you’re looking for someone to create the perfect wedding stationery for you, give Jennifer a call to see her full portfolio and chat about your wedding!

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