Guest Post: Healthy Marriages are Inspired Via Nashville Marriage Studio

Today we are Featuring a wonderful post by Nashville Marriage Studio. Marie has a wonderful blog full of great tips and relationship guidance. While her website is under construction, she is guest posting on all of her favorite Nashville blog. We are so glad we made her list! Without further adieu, here’s Marie!

I love Wedding 101’s blog because they do such a great job inspiring lovely
brides as they plan their weddings. I mean, when I see the inspiration
boards they come up with, like this Mediterranean

Mediterranean Isles, Weddings, Inspiration, Peach, Pink, Blue, Teal, Lace, Flower girl dress, Wedding Invitation, Doily, Lantern, Bubbles, Favors, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Cake, Popcorn, Buffet, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101or this Thanksgiving wedding.

Inspiration Board Thanksgiving, wedding, orange, brown, wedding 101I usually end up day dreaming about the opportunity to re-plan my own wedding!

Their inspiration boards remind me that our marriages deserve just as much
inspiration. With that in mind, I
put together my own inspiration board for
a healthy marriage.

1) Love Letters – Say “I love you” as much as you possibly can in as many
ways as possible. It’s important.
2) First Looks – Don’t believe the lie that you already know everything
about each other. Take time throughout your marriage to look at your spouse
as if it’s the first time all over again.
3) Bridal Party – Marriage doesn’t mean becoming an island. Remember your
friends. Make time for your friends. Celebrate your friends.
4) Commitment – The rings you exchange are tangible reminders of the
commitment you are making to one another. Take that commitment seriously.
5) Family – Your wedding day is the day you officially become family. No
matter what kind of family you came from, remember this is your own journey
and your own family to create.

Take time before your wedding day to dream together, not just about your
centerpieces, but also about your marriage.

Bio: Marie McKinney Oates is a pre-marital counselor in Nashville who wants to help as many marriages succeed as possible. She blogs, Twitters and Facebooks like a pro.

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  1. Your information best for inspiration for my facebook friend. Always be honest with yourself and with your partner and admit that both parties play some role in the problems and successes of any relationship, it is very important in happy life.

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