{Guest Post} Genesis Diamonds: Top of the Line Wedding Jewelry!

Genesis Diamonds sent this great article about their selection of top of the line wedding jewelry. Heather and I strolled to their Green Hills location and took a tour of all of their stunning jewelry. There’s a piece that for everyone in your bridal party! They are having a Spring Bridal Extravaganza THIS WEEKEND (April 4-6th)!!!! What better time to find your perfect wedding day accessories?!

(Genesis Diamonds)

The bride and groom are not the only ones with a lot on their plates as they prepare for their wedding; both the bride’s and the groom’s families also need to make many decisions in order to be ready for the big day. This includes finding tuxedos and gowns, deciding upon hairstyles and makeup, and of course selecting the most glamorous jewelry possible. Yes, the bride and groom are not the only ones who get to adorn stunning jewelry on the wedding day. The bridal party also needs to look their best and this includes marvelous jewels.


The most popular jewelry piece worn at wedding is earrings. This is because many times the bridesmaids have their hair up or pulled back, which reveals the beautiful gems hanging from their ears. Larger earrings can also be seen in a subtle and regal way from behind long locks. Whether the earrings chosen are classic studs, or dangling fashion earrings such as those in the Tacori Fashion Collection, earrings are a smart way to go for wedding jewelry.


Though a necklace is an easy choice for a jewelry piece, it can be tricky too. Some dresses do not have necklines that accommodate necklaces well. Therefore, it really depends on the gown and the type of neckline it has. Simple dresses can be paired with more detailed necklaces whereas embellished dresses should forgo the necklace or only be paired with a simple and classic necklace.


Some find that bracelets get in the way, what with the dancing and all, but others prefer to show their glitz on their wrists rather than on their necks, ears, or fingers. Wedding bracelets can be anything from a tennis bracelet to a fashion bangle studded with precious gemstones.


You don’t have to try to outdo the bride in order to wear a beautiful ring to the wedding. It can be a cocktail ring or a thick band. Rings are less noticeable at wedding, so you may want to leave this piece to the bride.

Members of the wedding party should feel free to visit boutiques such as Wedding 101 in Nashville, Tennessee where everything needed for planning a wedding is found in one luxurious location. This includes vendors for wedding jewelry. The bride and groom can select their wedding bands and you can do your wedding jewelry shopping from the fabulous designers available.

Like what you read?! You should stop by one of their two locations in Green Hills and Cool Springs and go see!


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