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Reveal Event Style is here today to answer that question that we know you’ve asked yourself several times. What the heck is an event designer and how is that different from a planner? Take it away ladies!

What is the role of an Event Designer vs. Planner?

In simplest of terms, the event designer decorates, the event planner coordinates!

In more detail, the event designer is focused on the style and experience of your wedding day. They transform spaces by whatever means, much like art directors on a film set, they culminate your vision into all visual details in to one that reflects you & your fiancé. This may include flowers, elements of entertainment, dramatic mood transitions, creative service options, ceremony service details, theatrics, lighting, draping, prop building, video graphics, the list is literally endless! They maintain your style within the collective of vendors required to procure your dream day, from the moment guests receive your save-the-date that carries a hint of blooming jasmine, until they cannot stop speaking of your wedding years to come. Reveal Event Style’s team includes an award winning floral designer & staff, former art director/set decorator, interior designer, project managers, carpenters, graphic artists, as well as an on staff planner/coordinator if you approach us without one.

The event planner is in charge of coordinating all the moving parts to ensure all teams run like a well-oiled machine. This includes vendors, wedding party & guests- so that your event runs smoothly- from the beginning managing contracts, overall budget, guest list, timeline, etc. They also make sure that your guests’ needs are taken care of through the duration of your wedding festivities. We recommend that all of our brides hire a planner, as we work in conjunction; our responsibilities and their perfect procurement rely on each other.

Why do I need hire an event designer?

Setting the tone of your style and personalities is more than just a pretty table scape or implementing a photo booth. An event designer will take your life stories, individually and as a couple, while also taking note of your style and personalities, and weave them together into a collective of moments and visual excitements with the goal of conveying your vision with music, fragrance, entertainment/performances, unique experiences, culinary delights, lighting, dramatic mood transitions, the sky is the limit! Event designers are the trendsetters and masters of original thought.

Questions Reveal Event Style would like to answer for you:

1. What makes you an expert in your field?

15 years event field experience, formally educated with degrees including interior design, horticulture, business management & planning. A dedication to continue educating others and ourselves. Clients and colleagues come to us to answer their questions and resource solutions to their design queries.

2. Isn’t a planner who is a “designer” the same thing?

I would like to preface my answer with this adage; any planner/coordinator worth their snuff should have an eye for style, good taste and detail. Likewise, the event designer should also have a good sense of productivity, organization and management, as there is planning on both parts. The difference in the two lies in the details that are focused on. What separates a designer is their education in their specific craft. It is an expertise, just as it is being a certified planner/coordinator. Designers spend their education, professional experience and waking hours dreaming up and studying design, fashion, pop-culture, interior design trends, flower markets, fabrics, lighting design, music, food, performances…Planners study maximizing productivity, management, sharpening organizational skills, and logistics! Click here to check out our education and back ground to understand why Reveal Event Style is the most touted event design firm among clients and fellow professionals!

3. What about DIY projects?

We require that any DIY projects are completed and delivered to us 2 months prior to your wedding date. We also require that we see a sample of what you will be making to ensure total integrity of the look and continuity of the big picture.

4. If I am on a tight budget, can I even afford an event designer?

Absolutely! Reveal Event Style is here to offer options that will maximize the budget you are working with and help you decide what is most important for you to convey in your festivities.  Reveal Event Style offers DIY consulting which will help guide you on your journey and offer you privileged information so that you can implement elements of your own. We believe everyone should have a memorable wedding day and even one dramatic element can make the most impressive impact!

5. What are your fees?

We have assessed a few “packages” with services starting at $500, $1500 & $3500. The bottom line is that we want the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs. There is always a way to work within any budget. Do not be afraid to let us know what you have budgeted- it makes it so much easier to estimate and helps us to manage our wild imaginations. Please contact Reveal Event Style to inquire- we would be so happy to speak to you!

6. We have already hired a planner but we want Reveal Event Style to design our event…

That’s wonderful! We want to work with you and your planner, as we require that you hire one or use Reveal’s staff planner. This would just require that we meet with them in the earliest possible stages of planning so that everything comes together beautifully and seamlessly!

A note to planners/coordinators:  Reveal Event Style wants to pair up with you to make your events and weddings spectacular! Even the most intimate setting isn’t completely successful without an absolute team of experts. We also offer professional consulting and would love to speak with you on how to incorporate us into your packages!

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