{Guest Post} DIY Marriage PlanHow to Make Premarital Prep Fun by Marie McKinney-Oates

Pre-marital preparation will probably never be as exciting as cake tasting. Or dress alterations. Or even reporting the latest wedding budget breakdown to your dad (who knew a human could turn red so fast, right?). I made the DIY Marriage Plan because I know this. I know pre-marital prep isn’t sexy, but it’s important. Oh so important!

Your marriage journey is going to be so much sweeter if you spend your time loving each other instead of hurting each other, and the DIY Marriage Plan can teach you how to do that.

So I can’t make pre-marital prep sexy, but with the DIY Marriage Plan I can make it fun. And convenient. And there are no strangers to get up in your business. And it’s free. Free is always awesome, right?

The DIY Marriage Plan is a 6-week long email course that starts on November 1st. You’ll get a variety of daily emails, homework assignments, and video tutorials to help you guys make a plan for everything from dealing with in-laws to fighting when you’re angry to talking about money.

Don’t miss out. Register for the (free & fun) DIY Marriage Plan today!

Bio: Marie McKinney Oates, MMFT is the founder of Nashville Marriage Studio and wants to help as many couples make it to the matching rocking chairs on the porch phase as possible.


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